Day 1
How did we get here?
A Data Integrity Model
Principles of data integrity
EU and FDA GMP Regulations Impacting Laboratory Data and Results
Overview of DI guidance documents
  • MHRA and WHO Data Integrity Guidances
  • FDA and PIC/S data integrity guidance documents
  • APIC data integrity guidance document
  • GAMP and PDA data integrity guidance document
  • FDA inspection findings 483 and warning letters
Principles for the Generation of Data
  • A flexible analytical data life cycle
  • Static and dynamic laboratory data
  • Observational tests and instrument tests
  • Qualified analytical instruments and validated software
  • Integrity issues
  • Application of ALCOA+ principles
Generation of Data
  • What are the requirements for data integrity?
  • Three scenarios covering
  • a paper system
  • a hybrid system
  • a client server electronic system
Processing and Reporting of Data
  • Paper / hybrid based systems
  • Networked systems with electronic records and signatures
  • Calculations and transformation of data manually and by computer applications
  • Application of ALCOA+ principles to the process
  • Calculating the reportable value and comparison with the specification
  • Paper processes versus electronic processes
  • Linkage with out of specification investigations (OOS)
Day 2

Presentation: Understanding complete data and raw data (FDA & EU terms)
Processing and Reporting of Data
  • Reviewing an analytical record
  • Scenario covering paper based records and an electronic system
Reviewing Data
  • Role of the second person review
  • Determination that the reportable result is correct
  • Identification and correction of errors for paper and electronic systems . Audit trail review
  • Do you have complete data?

WORKSHOP III: Three Data Review Mini Workshops
  • Data Review of a Paper Record
  • Audit trail review
  • Spreadsheet printout
  • Chromatographic integration and data integrity violations
  • Ten Compliance Commandments
WORKSHOP IV: Facilitated Discussion
Paper, Hybrid and Electronic Reporting Processes
Discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of reporting processes

Learning Outcomes
  • Principles of data integrity
  • Overview of Data Integrity guidance documents
  • Definition of complete data and raw data (FDA & EU terms)
  • Application of ALCOA+ principles
  • Processing and Reporting of Data
  • Data governance overview including roles and responsibilities
  • Data integrity audits and inspections
  • Chromatographic integration and data integrity violations

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