A two-day training course, followed by half-day on-site visits, is organized by Quintessence Enterprises Ltd
This is about a High Importance Seminar, approved and subsidised by the Human Resource Developmet Authority
Seminar Dates: 16 & 17 April 2019

Stability failures are responsible for a third of product recalls, costing pharmaceutical companies millions.
The risk of not conducting thorough stability testing therefore outweighs the cost of performing it.
This interactive 2-day course will provide you with an understanding of the science behind stability testing, a detailed examination of the ICH guidelines, accurate assessments of the tools and techniques to carry out testing.
The course will also highlight the fundamentals you need to consider and can transfer back to your work place. 

Benefits in Attending to this workshop:

• Gain knowledge on Storage Tests, Conditions and Protocols and Learn how to design Protocols for global marketing
• Discover how to manage Stability Samples and Facilities
• Develop robust Stability Indicating Methods
• Comply with Stability requirements for existing products and line extensions
• Understand what Stability Testing is required following changes to a product
• Discuss data treatment, shelf life assignment and extrapolation

About the lecturers

Dr Raymond Munden has over 40 years' experience in pharmaceutical research and development and was formerly Head, Analytical Servises Europe for GlaxoSmithKline.
He has led project teams that developed numerous pharmaceutical products that were successfully taken to market.
He also has particular expertise in stability protocol design and testing, stability storage facilities, experimental design and degradation chemistry.
He is now a consultant for all aspects of pharmaceutical development.

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