The training course: Laboratory Excellence: Internal Quality Control and Proficiency Testing Schemes provides the laboratory practitioner with the necessay knowledge and skills to ensure best accuracy and enhance best reliability of the laboratory results in a way to establish laboratory excellence and satisfy the expectations of the laboratory managers. 

Dr.-Ing. Michael Koch, Chair of Hydrochemistry and analytical quality assurance at the Institute of SanitaryEngineering, Water Quality and Solid waste, University of Stuttgart, delivers this workshop for Quintessence Enterprises Ltd as a training program of high importance, fully subsidized by the HRDA.

Learning Outcomes

Apply statistical techniques appropriate to the processing of laboratory validation data Develop the method validation protocol Develop control charts and internal control protocols for each one of your methods. Use the data from control charts and to cal- culate the measurement uncertainty

Make the best use of inter-laboratory com- parison and Proficiency Testing schemes. Prepare smart laboratory reports with the adequate information.

Take best advantage from the accuracy of
your results and the inherent reliability of your measurements. And, 
...not least:
Adapt your quality system to the new ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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