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If you wish to present a poster in the symposium go to the page Sumbmission of Abstracts and submit your abstract.

For an Effective Poster Presantation you may follow the guidelines prepared by Quintessence Enterprises Ltd shown in the above indicated link.

Posters should have the following dimensions: 70 cm x 100 cm and the fonts should be of a size readable from a distance of 1 m.
Participants’ names, surnames and addresses should be specified with the poster presenter’s name underlined.

ChemMedChem will award three prizes for the best posters.  
The assessment criteria for the posters are the following:

• Innovativeness of the announcement
• Clarity, comprehensiveness and illustrative of the announcement
• Presentation of the display
• Importance of  the announcement to the scientific society and how communicative it is
• Degree of support of the announcement by the authors.

Poster presenters of the awarded posters will be given 15 minutes to present the main topics of their posters in the symposium plenum.

Submitted posters for the 32nd Cyprus-Noordwijkerhout Trends in Drug Research EFMC Symposium 2014:

1) Interactions of Silybin A with cyclodextrin derivatives using solid and liquid state NMR spectroscopy, differential scanning and isothermal titration calorimetry as well as molecular dynamics simulations, Mavromoustakos T.

2)An in silico effort to discover new HCV Replication Inhibitors, Vrontaki E.

3)Stability and Binding Effects of Ag Metal Complexes at LOX-1 , Vrontaki E.

4) New N-alkanoyl-4-methoxybicyclo[4.2.0]octa-1,3,5-trien-7-ethanamines: melatoninergic action and controlled release from solid pharmaceutical formulations,  Vlachou M.

5) Zanamivir Conjugates Linked with Anti-inflammatory Agents Exhibit Enhanced Anti-influenza Activity,
Jim-Min Fang

6) Design and synthesis of non-peptide mimetics based on trimolecular complex HLA/antigen/TCR, Kontantinou M.

7) Molecular Dynamics Simulations and MM-PBSA Binding Free Energy Estimation in GK241-sPLA2 GIIA complex, Vasilakaki S.

8) Hydrazones of 5-nitro-2-furanecarboxaldehyde with 1-adamantanealkanoyhydrazides with probable trypanocidal activity Papanastasiou I.

9) Effect of meatal ions on fetal haemoglobin induction by hydroxyurea in erythroid cell line, Voskou S.

10)The Thalidomide Impact on Patients with Multiple Myeloma. The Revival of an Old Story through the Histological and Immunohistochemical Study of 100 Cases, Hadjileontis C.

11)Delineation of Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Decitabine for the Treatment of β-thalassaemia,Theodorou A.

12) Novel 1,4-dioxane derivatives as NMDA receptor channel blockers, F. Del Bello

13) Developing in silico tools towards the personalized therapy of beta-thalassemia, E.Vrontaki

14) Rational design and synthesis of potent cyclic Luteinizing Hormone – Releasing Hormone LHRH analogues, Theodore Tselios

15) In silico High-Throughput screening for Kinase Profiling as a platform for Drug Discovery, Gaia Corso

16) Padiatric vacus nerve stimulation:A retrospective study, Narek Sargsyan

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