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Plenary Topics of the 32nd Cyprus-Camerino-Noordwijkerhout Trends in Drug Research Medicinal Chemistry EFMC Symposium 2014:

C. Supuran-Discovery of new chemotypes for carbonic anhydrase inhibition, Italy
C. Barlos- The history of a global peptide manufacturing and technology company CBL and drug synthesis, Greece 
A. Yaghmur- Lipidic Soft self-assembled drug nanocarriers: cubosomes, hexosomes, and in situ formation of cubic and hexagonal liquid crystalline phases, Denmark
C. Gaubitz-The potential of solid-state NMR in drug research: Examples from GPCRs and Multidrug Effliux Pumps, IBMRZ, Germany
S. Noskov, Biophysics of ion-coupled neurotransmitter secondary transport, Canada
S. Charlton-Observed drug-receptor association rates are governed by membrane affinity: The importance of establishing micro PK/PD Relationships, Novartis, UK
R.Hubbard - UK Current perspectives in fragment-based drug discovery, UK
Moro, Bridging molecular docking to membrane molecular dynamics to  investigate GPCR-ligand recognition, Italy
Jean-Paul Renaud-Use of biophysical techniques in drug  discovery NoVaLix, France  
Raymond G. Booth- Serotonin 5-HT2 Receptor Structure-Based Drug Design Leads to Clinical Candidates for Neuropsychiatric Disorders, USA
C.S. Pattichis,-A Scientific Workflow Management System for Virtual Screening in Cancer Chemoprevention, Cyprus
M. Papadopoulos The mechanism of binding of aspartic proteases, Greece
E. Mikros-NMR metabolomics in diagnosis and toxicology, Greece
J. Plavec-NMR structures and cation binding of G-quadruplexes with unique features National Chemistry Institute, Slovenia
S. Golic Grdadolnik-NMR-assisted discovery of novel inhibitors of protein targets: towards new D. Logothetis- Targeting a heteromeric Glutamate/Serotonin GPCR complex involved in psychosis, USA
M. Cleanthous-Effect of metal ions on fetal haemoglobin induction by hydroxyurea in erythroid cell cultures, Cyprus  
Prof. Triggle David TO BE ANNOUNCED
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