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Synnous; The Organizer of the 29th Medicinal Chemistry EFMC Symposium in Drug Research

σΥΝΝους!, meaning thoughtful, is a Vocational Training Organization, registered under the Cyprus company law as a Non-Profitable Organization.

The memorandum of association covers activities such as the promotion of knowledge and learning, culture, sports science and other disciplines. σΥΝΝους! promotes education and vocational training, Long Life Learning and eLearning, Fair Play and Fair Competition, Distinction and Excellence. σΥΝΝους! Also organizes Examinations and Personnel Certification, Events (cultural, musical), Conferences and Fairs.

The articles of association of σΥΝΝους!provide four classes of members: (i) Founder members, (ii) Privileged members, (iii) Honourable members and (iv) Ordinary members.

(*) Synnous is a Greek word; σύννους, meaning thoughtful. Athena, the goddess of wisdom is depicted in Parthenon thoughtful («Η Αθηνά σύννους»)

Quintessence Enterprises Ltd supports the administration of the Conference.

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Fax: 00357 22560260
Tel. 00357 224664500
Mob. 00357 99537646


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