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Speakers and indicative talk titles of the 29th Cyprus-Camerino-Noordwijkerhout Trends in Drug Research EFMC Symposium 2011

Rod Hubbard -What is next for structure-based discovery

David R. Buckley (Key Note Speaker)  - Protect and defend your research intellectual property rights by following "GXP"

Andrew Leach-Current issues in molecular modeling and design
James Murray-Biophysics in support of drug discovery

Tom Davies- Fragment-based drug discovery: a structural perspective

Henk Timmerman - GPCR’s: from imaginations to reality; and beyond
M. Rappolt-X-ray diffraction studies to study drug: membrane interactions
S. Golic Grdadolnik –Binding Studies using NMR spectroscopy
Miles Congreve-Structure-based drug discovery for GPCRs
Sid Topiol - opportunities for molecular modeling from recent GPCR crystal structures
S. Georgiadis-New Small Molecules for Modulating Phosphoinositide-Mediated Signaling: Development and Application

A. Afantitis-A decision support system for the de novo design of synthetically accessible HCV inhibitors”
Ralf Brunner-Potent and fast acting novel antimalarials derived from a cell-based screen

Reto Brun-Neglected tropical diseasesin high need for new drugs
Jonathan Vennerstrom-Synthetic Peroxides As Antimalarials: Identification of Ozonide Drug Development Candidates OZ277 and OZ439

Robert Jacobs-The Lead Optimization had Pre-Clinical Development of Novel Boron- Containing Small Molecules for the Treatment of Human African Trypanosomiasis

T. Diagana-Re-starting malaria drug discovery

Ralf Brunner-Potent and fast acting novel antimalarials derived from a cell-based screen Excursion

Andreas Goutopoulos-Tentative title: Approaches in the discovery of selective kinase inhibitors for the treatment of

V. Mouchlis-Rational design for PLA2 inhibitors as anti-inflammatory drugs

N. Chronakis-HIV inhibitors

Dionysios Pantazatos- Hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry for characterization of EGFR protein ligand interactions: Applications for rational drug design and chemical modeling.
Marina Cleanthous - New Opportunities in Major Diseases

Maria Kontoyianni-A Structure-Based Approach to Understanding Somatostatin Receptor Subtype Selectivity

Prof. Michael P. Barrett - Identifying drug targets in protozoa

Nosjean Olivier - HTS on GPCR made easy - but relevance remains a challenge

Thierry Langer - Pharmacophores and their efficient use in lead discovery and optimization

C. A. Nicolaou - Knowledge-driven Multi-Objective Evolutionary Graphs for De Novo Drug


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