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Committees of the 29th Cyprus-Camerino-Noordwijkerhout Trends in Drug Research Medicinal Chemistry EFMC Symposium 2011

Chairman of the Symposium
Prof. A. Makriyannis
Local Representatives

A. Tsotinis (University of Athens)                                           
T. Mavromoustakos (University of Athens)

Organizing Committee

A. Tsotinis (University of Athens)
T. Mavromoustakos (University of Athens)
H. Timmerman (VU University, Amsterdam)
R. Leurs  (VU University, Amsterdam)
D. Rotella (Wyeth Res, Chem Sci, Princeton, USA)
M. Giannella (University of Camerino)
P. Angeli (University of Camerino)
D. Papahadjis (National Hellenic Research Foundation)
M. Koufaki (National Hellenic Research Foundation)
T. Calogeropoulou (National Hellenic Research Foundation)
M. Kontoyianni - (University of Edwardsville, Illinois, USA)

Scientific Committee (Already Confirmed)

D. Sugden (King’s College, U.K.)
P. J. Garratt (University College London, U.K.)
Alexander Tropsch (University of North Carolina, USA)
A. Tsantili-Kakoulidou (University of Athens)
P. Koutentis (University of Cyprus)
P. Laggner (IBR, Austria)
S. Noskov (University of Galgary, Canada)
A. Kourounaki (University of Athens)
G. Kokotos (University of Athens)
P. Marakos (University of Athens)
T. Gimisis (University of Athens)
A. Geronikaki (University of Thessaloniki)
D. Hadjipavlou (University of Thessaloniki)
G. Liapakis (University of Crete)
T. Tselios (University of Patras)
Supporting Organizing Team

A. Afantitis
C. Koukoulitsa
G. Melagraki
C. Petrou
P. Afroudakis
V. Belekou
R. Kompogennitaki
A. Tsatsaroni
V. Mouchlis


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