Participants will learn:
  • The mechanics of a best-practice, internal credit ratings system, in compliance with Basel III/CRDIV
  • How to identify distress within that system
  • How to analyze continued repayment ability among borrowers from analyzing financials and behavior
  • Identification and categorization of distress
  • Augmentation of internal rating models for distressed borrowers
  • Augmentation of credit ratings during distress
  • How to establish restructuring and workout terms
  • Alternative workout strategies and their impact ratings
  • Liquidation considerations for non-performing loans
  • Recapitalization along Basel III/CRDIV lines in light of distress
Intended audience:  The course is developed for a broad middle and executive office of a financial or large lending institution consisting primarily of:
  • Loan officers and loan portfolio managers
  • Risk managers
  • Internal auditors
  • Regulatory personnel
  • Internal Control personnel
  • Credit model development personnel
Prerequisites: The course uses some basic mathematics and statistics as outlined by Basel III/CAD IV; however, discussion is focused on the business insights, where models are demonstrated in Excel and used for illustrative purposes. In general, lectures will be pitched at an MBA-level.

Bio for the Speaker

Dr. Maurice Ewing is an experienced banking executive, consultant and board trainer that has worked in over 50 countries. He is an expert in both high-level, Basel/MiFID/CRDIV/Solvency II/Dodd-Frank compliance and in quantitative model implementation: fintech, mobile-lending, predictive analytics, Big Data, etc. Dr. Ewing has regularly advised many of the world’s biggest banks and companies on how to develop profitable business strategies that leverage the compliance measures. He is also a leadership columnist for The Huffington Post, The Harvard Business Review and a contributing expert for Inc. Magazine and Business Insider.

Previously the CRO of one of the largest banks in the EMEA, Dr. Ewing initiated and managed the transformation of a remedial, traditional risk function--consisting of over 400 people spanning 5 countries—to an strategic, forward-looking, analytics powerhouse. During that effort, he also led a Gates Foundation project to develop the world’s first mobile-scoring, lending and pre-approval product delivery platform to support a “virtual wallet” eco-system in an emerging market. Dr. Ewing is considered one of a handful of experts in the world in alternative delivery channel and fintech architecture, implementation and risk management.
Prior to founding his consultancy, Conquer Risk, Dr. Ewing taught Executive-MBAs within the Kellogg-HKUST MBA programme in Hong Kong for several years and prior to this, he developed systemic risk models as an analyst for the New York Federal Reserve. Dr. Ewing received his PhD and MA in Economics from Princeton University and his double-BA in mathematics and economics (Honors Thesis) from Northwestern University. Dr. Ewing is both a charter member and certified, Financial Risk Manager (FRM) of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and a Subject Matter Expert for the Professional Risk Manager’s International Association on enterprise risk management.

Though continually travelling throughout the EMEA and Americas regions, Dr. Ewing has lived in Cyprus since 2006.

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