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High Importance HRDA Training Course by Dr Maurice Ewing

08 March 2016
Restructuring the Cypriot Credit Institutions but also minimizing their operating costs and restructuring their loans is considered as a significant factor which will restore the stability of the financial sector, boost investor confidence and enhance economic recovery.

Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) is a challenge for the Credit Institutions. Latest Central Bank data reveals that bankers lent hundreds of millions without proper examination of customer data or sufficient collateral provided.

Dr Maurice Ewing, a Globally Experienced Risk Executive & Data Science Team Leader, delivered a three-day course to 19 bankers and facilitated their endeavors towards the restructuring, recapitalizing, provisioning and modeling the distressed loans.

The following key elements in the process of managing loans were considered and discussed:
  • Initial customer selection and screening (i.e. origination, credit scoring, rating, etc.)
  • Initial pricing, assessment and capitalization (i.e., risk component estimation)
  • Improving the selection and screening process
  • Better detection and assessment of distress
  • Better management of distress
  • Design of an improved loan management framework
As part of the High Importance Seminar, approved and subsidised by HRDA, Dr Maurice Ewing is visiting one by one the participating banks advising how to apply best practices to manage distress securities.