A. The roles and responsibilities of the DGSA
An appointed DGSA will include but may not be limited to the roles and responsibilities listed below:

1. Monitor compliance and provide advice to the undertaking
2. Selection, purchasing and approval of vehicles
3. Safety Equipment and Transport Equipment
4. Training
5. Emergency Procedures
6. Accident and Incident investigation
7. Prevention of accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences

Where appropriate, The DGSA must review and monitor the preparation of the security plan in accordance with ADR for those dangerous goods designated as ‘high consequence dangerous goods’.

B. Provision of Advice
The DGSA must advise the undertaking, who appoints you, on how to ensure compliance with the ADR with respect to:
  • the classification of dangerous goods, packing and tank provisions,
  • consignment procedures, and
  • exemptions (ADR, national exemptions)
C. Preparation and provision of the national report

The DGSA should prepare an annual report on the activities of the undertaking. The Annual Report must record in reasonable detail all activities in respect of the carriage of dangerous goods during the period in question.

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