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Financial Institutions
Distressed Securities
Risk in Financial Institutions
Occupational Safety and Health
Certified Safety Advisors
Laboratory Safety Managers
Laboratory Operations
Accreditation Requirements
Instrumental Analytical Techniques
First Aid at Work
Emergency First Aid at Work
First Aid Providers
Certified FAW Instructors
ADR Drivers' Licence
DGSA Qualification

Vocational Education and Training

Laboratory Operations
Well-known laboratory experts and gurus offer a set of comprehensive training courses for laboratory managers and laboratory practitioners. The courses offer all about (1) Laboratory Accreditation and (2) Instrumental Analysis, for the laboratory to meet quality management system requirements and laboratory professionals to demonstrate the required level of technical competency.
  Occupational Health and Safety
A 35-hour training course offers the Safety Consultant qualification making the delegates capable to develop and implement the Safety and Health Management System and carry out  the  Risk Assesment study, based on the legal requirement. The certificate is recognised by the authorities as a 35-hour qualification for the Third Party Safety Consultants candidates.
Laboratory practitioners and laboratory managers may choose to attend the 14-hour Laboratory Safety Course giving emphasis to the chemical and biological hazards.
First Aid at Work accredited training courses
The Emergency First Aid at Work is an awareness 6-hour training courses which eables you to manage first aid issues in the workplace and support the First Aiders
The First Aid at Work is a 18-hour training course which ends up with the First Aider's qualification, valid for 3 years.
The FAW instructor's 26-hour-course enables you to teach the First Aid at Work training cosurses including the 6-hour Emergency Firat Aid at Work course and the First Aiders 18-hour course.

All courses are accredited, approved by the Department of Labour Inspection and delivered by Quintessence Enterprises Ltd, under the support of UK NUCO Training Ltd.
  Professional development and training in transport

Transporation of Dangerous Goods by road and the ADR Agreement.

The ADR driver training certificate is an essential, legal requirement for drivers of vehicles transporting dangerous goods.
As the leading training provider within the transportation of dangerous goods, Quintessence Enterprises Ltd can guarantee to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant training - delivered by senior experts.

Courses will depend on the goods being carried and the vehicle in which substances are being transported.
Core Training (14-hour course)
Tanker Module (9-hour course)
Explosives (7-hour course)
Radioactive materials (7-hour course).
A 35-hour comprehensive course is also available

In addition the ADR Managers course is offered as 35-hour for managers in logistics operations.

The Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors' (DGSA) training course, delivered by senior experts, prepares DGSA delegates to participate to the Road Transport Department's exam and ensures high scores and  success.

Certificate of Professional Competencies - CPC Instructors Training course

This 35-hour instructors course trains and prepares the CPC trainers to develop training competencies and excellence in training in the CPC Training Centres