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Occupational S&H Consultants (ΕΞΥΠΠ)
Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA)
Management Systems

Authorised Advisors and Consultants

The Duties of the Safety Consultant.
A safety consultant must be knowledgeable about safety issues in a wide variety of work environments. The consultant’s primary responsibility is to inspect workplaces to ensure they comply with national legislation.

The Duties of the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor
The ADR specifies the responsibilities of a Safety Adviser in Chapter 1.8.3. The core responsibilities of a Safety Adviser are as follows:
  • Advising undertakings on the safe transport of dangerous goods by road.
  • Monitoring the undertakings compliance with dangerous goods regulations.
  • Preparing an annual report about the activities of the undertaking related to the transport dangerous goods.
  • Investigating any accidents or infringements of regulations and preparing reports.
  • Monitoring the provision of training and advice to any staff involved in the transport of dangerous goods.
The duties of those who accept the appointment of DGSA for an undertaking are mandatory.
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